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RCLDS Core Training Resources

This area is currently being updated. It will include an outline of the core RCLDSTraining Calendar with additional resources and feedback from staff.


With Care


EOI- With Care 2017

In order to meet current demands for Withcare Training we are seeking organisations to complete the following EIO so that we can ensure you have equitable access to this training.

Whilst priority will be given to staff in TRC homes, it is recognised that the current training demands will most likely cater for all residential care staff.

Foundations of Therapeutic Care

This training explores the difference between therapeutic care and other existing models of residential care, with a focus on deepening participants’ understanding of the traumatic impact of abuse and neglect on the development of children and young people.

With Care building practice

This three day training program is for staff who have completed the initial “Foundations of Therapeutic Residential Care” program. The training is open to all residential care staff from both therapeutic pilot programs and non- pilot programs. This training builds on the learning from the 2 day “Foundations” training, with a key focus on further developing participants’ understanding of how trauma and attachment theories translate into a therapeutically intentional, practical direct care approach.

Working with Autism and Intellectual disabilities

The training is delivered from a trauma-informed approach and has been designed to meet the needs of people working in the child protection residential care field. While the main focus is on Autism Spectrum Disorders, the training also identifies the difficulties of working with individuals with other complex support needs such as intellectual disabilities.

Effective conflict management

The fundamental aim of the current program is to ensure safety – safety for all. Through your participation in this program, you will learn the necessary skills to engage a diverse range of individuals in addition to the key micro-skills that underpin preventative conflict management strategies such as risk assessment, defusing, negotiation and incident management.

Youth Mental Health First Aid

This course is a comprehensive program aimed at educating people to recognise and manage mental health crises. Designed and developed under the auspices of Orygen Research and the University of Melbourne, this workshop is widely recognised as the Mental Health First Aid course.


This targeted training is aimed at giving new and existing residential care supervisors the essential frameworks and tools to supervise their staff.  The course will give an insight into relevant leadership styles, functions of supervision and an understanding of worker motivation.  If you are a supervisor or acting supervisor but have not had any supervision training, or if you want to refresh your skills, this training is for you!

Managing Young People with Sexualised Behaviours

This innovative program is a one day introductory course on adolescent sexual offending.  It focuses on understanding, assessing and managing adolescent sexual offenders within the residential care environment.


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